Building and Development – Thai/Burma Border

The building and development programs core aim is to obtain funding for the construction of school buildings, learning materials and facilities for displaced communities along the Thai-Burma border region, administered through and advised by Kidlaunch.

These children are consistently at high risk of trafficking into various forms of slave labor, particularly child prostitution. Provided primary education, these children are given the opportunity to seek continued schooling or vocational training, as well as the essential, practical skills required to find employment in their local economy.

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How we are getting it done

The Kid Launch program was commenced in cooperation with Genesis Network during the summer of 2008 in response to the widespread educational hurdle faced by thousands of children every year near the Myanmar-Thailand border. It is an effort to bring support where other programs have not yet reached or, in many cases, have thus far failed. The recipients of Kid Launch services have sought out their help and are selected based on a variety of criteria. Specialists conduct community evaluations to determine the potential significance of the support and if future development can be sustained by the community subsequent to an initial effort. Every attempt is made to ensure long-term sustainability through local empowerment and leadership development.

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