Help us help the locals of Kalbarri rebuild.

Announcing the Kalbarri Rebuild Fund

UPDATED: This project has now closed. We raised $92,628 and 100% was distributed to locals in need.

The Kalbarri Rebuild Fund would like to acknowledge the Nanda people as the traditional owners of the land.

Following the devastating Ex-Tropical Cyclone Seroja on Sunday 11 April 2021 that destroyed the town of Kalbarri in remote Western Australia, we have joined together with other like-minded locals and ex-pats to start a community driven fund to assist with the rebuilding of the region for future generations.

We understand that other parts of Western Australia have been impacted by Cyclone Seroja, however we have decided to focus our efforts on a Rebuilding Fund for Kalbarri, as this is a place we call home and a place that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

The Kalbarri Rebuild Fund was launched on Tuesday 13 April 2021. With the damage bill now estimated to run into the tens of millions, we plan to continue to raise funds long after the initial cleanup is over. This process could take years and we are committed to ensuring the process is followed through in an honest, transparent and community centred way.

This is not an emergency relief fund. There are government initiatives for that, and other ways you can assist with the unfolding emergency. This is a fund to help rebuild homes, businesses and also infrastructure that was destroying by Cyclone Seroja. Priority will be given to those who live in the area and those who have no insurance and no means to pay for their own repairs or rebuilding works.

We have created this fund because there is a long road ahead to rebuilding Kalbarri. 100% of funds raised will be used for this purpose, and there are a few ways you can help us reach our goal.

100% of donations now will be used to assist rebuild efforts in the near future. We do not want money if you do not have the means to support this fund. We do not want money from residents of Kalbarri or Northampton Shire, or those immediately affected by the impacts of Cyclone Seroja.

Give today and help us provide funds to rebuild the lives of locals devastated by natural disaster.


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